Coline Ballet Baz wins the Milan Big Air World Cup event, Andri Ragettli takes 3rd in the mens.

This was the first World Cup Big Air event for the season. The Big Air is located on a former site of Milan’s Expo and is one of the most exciting venues on tour, just 10km from the center of Milan. The riders drop in on a 40m competition ramp.

Coline won with a cork 900 trailing tail and a clean switch bio 900 safety. Johanne Killi 2nd and Giulia Tanno 3rd.  

In the mens Elias Ambuhl placed 1st, Hugo Burvall 2nd and Andri Ragettli 3rd with a triple cork 1440 safety to truck driver bow-and-arrow and a switch double misty 1260 trailing blunt.

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