K2-MDV Team takes on the Engadin Ski Marathon

The Engadine Ski Marathon first took place in 1969. Around 900 participants back then took on the challenge and survived a 42 kilometer-long course, starting from Maloja and ending in Zuoz. Fifty years later, around 13.000 participants from over sixty countries travel to Switzerland in order to race, making the event the second biggest of its kind in the world.

During the weekend of March 10th, 2018, teams from Völkl, K2, and Madshus participated in the event. Christoph Bronder, CEO and president of K2-MDV Holding; Nils Hult, CEO of Madshus Norway; Peter Kuba, CEO of the European sector at K2; Stefan Stankalla, a former ski racer and marketing manager for the European sector at K2, and finally sales manager at Madshus, Thomas Klein, raced amid severe weather conditions.


Equipped with the latest equipment from Madshus and motivation from trainings of the previous day, all participants of the event reached the finish line. With the “Redline Classic Intelligrip” cross-country ski, Christoph Bronder tested a new innovation from Madshus. The new model is equipped with the new Move binding, which allows athletes to adjust positions according to the terrain. This capability provides better grip during climbing and better performance downhill. The “Red Line Classic Intelligrip” was introduced for the first time at this year´s ISPO and will be available for customers in fall.

Like Madshus, Völkl developed innovative cross-country skis until 1992. Constantin Bronder had the opportunity to ride with such historical cross-country skis from Völkl, the LP10, and saw great success. In 1997, Christoph Bronder received the LP10 from long-time dealer Sport Jakob from Waldkirchen.

In the photo, L-R: Thomas Klein, Stefan Stankalla, Peter Kuba, Christoph Bronder und Nils Hult.

In the photo, L-R: Patricia Bronder, Christoph Bronder and Constantin Bronder with the historic Völkl cross-country ski LP10

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